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What to do with a friend or a girlfriend when all of the cookies eaten, all the news discussed, re-measure all dresses, all movies reviewed? Which genre is the game for 2 player? Yes practically all, for example - Shooting: competing in whose pile of bodies of defeated enemies above or arrange a duel; - Adventure: a dangerous and exciting journey is always better to take a faithful friend; - A great opportunity to thoroughly beat each other and remain friends. Or again, to compete; - Action: solving the puzzle together and fulfill the mission or "who forward"; - Race: who do you will be the first at the finish; - Sport flash game for two: the real test of your abilities, especially when it comes to intellectual games such as chess, etc. § These games will help you to practice reaction speed, accuracy and logical thinking in the competition. Games for two online - a great opportunity to have fun together and have fun. By the way, play games for two possible not only with a friend or a girlfriend, but also with relatives: fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers and others. They may well replace conventional family entertainment. And those who do not have enough space for the keyboard, can sit on the bench or fans to stay while you are with someone playing games on dvoh. In online games for two players can play on a single keyboard, and it means that you are not required something more than passion and desire to have fun in a good company. In all the games on 2 players can play for free without downloading them to your computer. Therefore, you have no reason to stop at just one game, try to play all flash games for two on our site. In addition, all games on dvoh completely free. Fun games online for two best way to spend a rainy evening or a prolonged wait. And you do not have to look over his shoulder and another "lick." Why play at a time, if you can play a game for two! Games for two online on our website is constantly updated, we add all of the newest and most exciting online games for two players, so you do not get bored and visit us often. Games online for two for fans of all genres of flash games: double the fun. Well, we're all here? Then begin!

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