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There is a whole series of games based on the search for gold. If you successfully complete all levels of online games Gold Miner, you will become a virtual millionaire. Most of these games offer to go down into the earth to search for the precious metal. But you can find online games, in which the prospector dives for treasure hunting for sunken ships.If you decide to work miner Gold Miner online game, in your arsenal will be a pick and a wheelbarrow. But after level, you can buy in the store at the surface to search for other useful things, like mines.Under the ground have to be careful when doing the playing field online. Gold Miner can be attacked by subterranean monsters. I'll have to fend or flee, leaving the gold.Another danger of online games Gold Miner is that hard to see under the ground. You can collect the stones instead of gold. But you can only view them on the surface.If the thirst for gold will win your fears, welcome to the online games Gold Miner. Consider how best to dig a passage to the treasure. Many games limit the time spent at each level. Therefore, under the ground you need to immediately get to work.

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