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Protect the castle - which are the games TowerDefence, is the kind of game strategies. Before you have a goal - protecting the base from the attacking enemies with turrets that attack them. "The protection of the castle" - flash game in which the enemy is usually moving along the winding paths that lead to your castle, some of the flash game "Castle Defense" have a different type of enemy movement. In them, you're doing yourself a path on which will go to the opponents, building his tower, and making enemies around them. However, we should not forget that "the protection of the castle" - flash games, which also is aviation, which is easy to fly over all of your towers, and then fly directly to the database. Games Tower Defence, have a certain number of lives. Once the enemy unit will enter the base, you'll lose some lives. Different enemies take up a different number of lives. Games "Protection of the castle" does not mean building a tower of only one type, and a competent alignment of different towers, the combination of which will be effective in all types of enemy units. Different towers affect enemies in different ways, causing some damage to them, some, slow them down, others set on fire. However, opponents differ in their qualities, they are faster, stronger and more resistant to different types of attacks. That's why online games "Protection of the castle" is quite complicated.By killing enemies, you earn money that can be spent on improving or building new towers. With each level of improvement, protection of the base will be more powerful, and the radius of the towers will increase losses. There are some flash games' protection of the castle, "in which the parameters of the towers have to" swing "separately, for example, can only improve the strength, sacrificing damage radius, or to make a tower, which shoots farther, but not so much on these parameters depend on the universal protection of databases . Some online games "Protection of the castle," and do not have a military construction, for example, a bank that increases your income. Flash game "The protection of the castle," recently gained their popularity. First, the game Tower Defence existed only as a custom map for Warcraft and Starcraft. But even then, "Protection of the castle" - flash games, which have gained a huge crowd of fans that helped create a very different stand-alone game in the genre of "Protection of the castle." This genre is perfect for games that are flash format. Enjoy the game!

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