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Recently, a presentation of the new part of the game Winx Season 5. At this time, game developers will offer you new and exciting puzzles and explore the new heroes emerged. To go through all levels of the game Winx Season 5, you will need to choose a fairy, which you will manage and magic with which you can be the first! List of magic games Winx Season 5 is small - beliviks, or enchatiks charmiks. You can choose any of your choice.For a successful outcome in this game you have to learn a few spells. Be prepared to go even to the most incredibly difficult obstacles, which are specially prepared for you creators of the game Winx Season 5. Also, do not forget to use their advanced logic, because all tasks are designed to not only test your logic, but also to develop it thanks so much fun and colorfully decorated games. And most importantly, to win five of the Winx you have to collect the greatest number of bonuses!Also impressive new look and incredible graphics quality games Winx Season 5. It should be said about the simplified interface of the game Winx Season 5, that will not cause difficulties in the game even with the little princesses.

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