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Ranger word from English can be translated as "stranger," "Hunter" or even "trooper." The U.S. military police, and many called the Rangers. Games for boys use these images of strong men Rangers - always brave heroes, ideal for kids.Not surprisingly, such characters became the heroes of the game rangers. The main character becomes a powerful weapon or superpowers. Next, to continue the game, the Rangers must learn to use new powers. There are games based on the training of rangers have a new weapon.As soon as the hero get the hang of a new force, there are evil forces. In mortal combat with them to join the Rangers. Games forcing the hero to fight robots, space aliens, terrifying monsters.To successfully complete the game rangers need to use the mouse and keyboard a good jump, bend, squat. And at the right time to use their superpowers, or a wonderful artifact.For many students, these heroes - role models. So the boys are ready to spend hours typing balls to reach a new level, where the winner will be the Rangers. Rangers games are very popular.

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