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Who does not like small horses ponies? They are so sweet and docile, they have soft smooth and wavy mane of hair. And a pony ride so nice.Now you can play the game, "Pony" and communicate with their pets from the comfort of home.To play the games for girls "Pony" is not necessary to know how much - just to handle the mouse, because the game "Pony" is not complicated, but how interesting!Games for Girls "Pony" can go beyond the ordinary. Judge for yourself: where it is not here, you will find a pink or green pony? With games, pony can wear clothes and acquire wings.Pony with her wardrobe? Is this possible? Of course! With games for girls "Pony" Your horse can wear beads and necklaces, and bracelets to wear the crown.But as you race on a pony? Start, you're sure to win! Pony for girls and normal girls. Pony ladies and understanding of horses. Games of ponies so much that you do not get tired of playing them every day.Do you like to draw? Games ponies give you the opportunity to improve, by painting your favorite ponies in different colors.Take a walk in the park, pony, compete in races alongside his horse, do her hair. Do everything with the "Pony"-games!

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