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Do you remember the Pokemon, these lovely creatures can become a scary and dangerous to the enemy? Of course, you all watched cartoons about them. But did you know that from the very beginning there were games "Pokemon", and only then removed the cartoons about them."Pokemon" - the game of pocket monsters, that's what the name stands for Pokemon. Pokemon - fictional characters, and the people - their coach, who taught his players to battle with other Pokemon trainers. Game "Pokemon" give you the opportunity not only to choose a Pokemon from the existing 650. "Pokemon" - a game where you can build yourself for the Pokemon trainer. And you can take the side of Ash, May, Misty, or other coaches from the movie.Game "Pokemon" - a battle before losing consciousness, but never to the death. Your Pokemon will gain experience and move on to new levels. The number of fights is huge!"Pokemon" - playing with fictional creatures in the fictional universe. Although there is a game where Pokemon fight in Japan or the United States.Games Pokemon created cartoons and feature films, but why just look at the screen when you can be part of this exciting and colorful world of Pokemon!

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