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Brrr! Meet, of the snow-covered Antarctic penguins hilarious squad arrived. Smile and wave, boys! Know? This online games penguins from Madagascar. You will be trained in a special division games Penguins of Madagascar. If you want to be the main combat unit of commandos, then go through the game for the Penguins of Madagascar Rico. This is a miner and sapper, who owns a special combat tricks. The generator of ideas, the scientist in the online games penguins from Madagascar - Kowalski. He is the smartest in nychke he's always a couple of brilliant plans and inventions that help out the team at a difficult time playing the penguins of Madagascar. Be a member, too bad. He holds the key combat skills, as super-speed, which will help in time to slip away, when in online games penguins from Madagascar would be very hot. Finally the boss commandos - Skipper. He has extensive experience fighting alterations. This character Penguins of Madagascar Games combines the mind with the rapidity of response and special weapons. In general, you choose who you will be in The Penguins of Madagascar Games. Perform a secret mission to play Penguins of Madagascar, become super-agent and destroy their enemies.

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