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Today, playing the piano can only be those who are planning to tie the future of academic life with music. And just 10 years ago to learn to play the piano, was a mass insanity. His parents consoled themselves that raise the genius musician, hoping for no bad job in the future and reputation. Many also believed that people should be able to play the piano, or even any other musical instrument. Children with no musical talent later recalled with horror music school. After all, having no ear for music, it is difficult to understand how to play. Now, give children a music school only if the inclination to music. Many young boys and girls prefer to learn themselves and help them in this play the piano, which can be easily found on the internet and play online. Young people themselves compose their own music and pick up the chords. That's why it became popular computer game piano, because at such a simulator is the easiest way to play. Now in order to achieve credibility in the game do not need to buy a piano. Many children find in their own sense of rhythm and an ear for music, just by playing such games with the help of a piano keyboard and mouse.

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