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Puzzle games fire and water 4 - next update in a series of games. Fans of the genre happy to wait for each update, because every time the creators come up with more complex puzzles.Fire and water games, play online that are fun and exciting, belong to the category of logical puzzles. The essence of the game is very simple - two heroes - fire boy and water girl - together to pass obstacles, collecting crystals on the way. On the internet are very popular game Fire and Water 2, because here brave friends to pass difficult tests in medieval castles. Games Fire and Water 3 offers users find themselves in a cave, and together with their favorite characters go in search of the exit.Fire and water, play online in which everyone can, originally designed for two players. One controls the water, the other - with fire. You can, of course, play alone, but then have to be torn between two heroes. Games Fire and Water 4 will give you lot of impressions and emotions, new puzzles and challenging brainteasers. Here you will poraskinut brains. If the game is fire and water were two simple, games fire and water 3 differ its complexity and exciting locations. Every part of this exciting game is distinguished by its unusual rules and controls. But most importantly, the essence is always the same - two inseparable friends, have a couple cope with the tasks and solve puzzles to escape to freedom. Games Fire and Water 4 are characterized by their simplicity and colorful locations. It should also be noted that fire and water play online at any time of day. No time limits, age or sex is not the player. Games Fire and Water 2 are different from all the others in that the main characters drawn completely differently. This is - the most important feature of all the games in this category. Each new part presents fans a surprise - the main characters are not always drawn as in the last part. This fact forces expected to continue further. Fire and Water 3 are distinguished by their unusual jobs and beautiful rooms in the caves. Enjoy a fun game that does not have to just sit there and hit the keys. Here you need to think about. For children, play fire and water is perfect - it is so they can develop logic and reasoning. On our site you will find the best game category fire and water!

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