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A few years ago, every family had a tradition to spend evenings and weekends, playing board games. Fetched lotto, sat at the table, because the game board. Could play for hours. Sometimes for money or candy. The new generation prefers to play more dynamic. But chess and backgammon are also gone nowhere. Now you can play board games online. If you do not set the house backgammon or checkers, you can replace them with an analog computer. To play board games online, no need to seek a partner or partners. You can choose the difficulty level and compete with artificial intelligence.There was a time when the game "Empire" supplanted other board games. Play this game based on your business, going all the familiar. We bought the company, grew rich. Then he went bankrupt. Through games, learn to live under capitalism.There are board games, play that does not stop for thousands of years. Playing chess is always interesting and not obsolete. It does not matter, made her figure made of ivory or wood. Even if the online board games use virtual shape, meaning and beauty of the game will not change.

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