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One of the hot favorite online-games, proven over the years, has always been a game "Lines". «Lines 98" teen pleasant and interesting. The game does not burden the complex rules on the other side to «Lines» play means to engage in the strategy and logic. Let's find out how to play "Line" online. In the traditional game board size of 9 by 9 cells placed balls of different colors. Should be built into the line - hence the name - five or more balls, then balls disappear and you credited points.Game "ball line" is a simple yet effective exercise care. The player must figure out where to put the ball, not to block the passage of others to score for the course the most points."Lines of balls" - games that have several options in addition. You can decide whether you want to receive tips. Click the hint button and you will see what will come with three balls on the next move. And it is can help you decide what color to the line to start working.The "ball line" play online like many adults. This simple but fun game will help you relax in the short breaks between work processes. Play "ball line" line - so do not worry about download games.«Lines 98" teen love and children, and my mother would not be nervous for morality, because the game involves only the balls!In «Lines» can play even very young audience. So they learn colors and will learn the basics of logic. Play the "Line" online will be very interesting without being told, then immediately the complexity increases. While playing "ball line" and vice versa can be simplified by pressing the "back door".Yes, the "Line of balls" - the game has existed for over two decades, with a "ball line" continue to play online by millions of users. If you play "ball line" online you are just learning, you can use another option, which will show placement on the next turn.«Lines 98" to play online so great when you just need to relax.Want to «Lines» play? Just type the site's address and start playing the "Line" online. Play the game "ball line", as you can gather more balls in a row and get a reward."Lines of balls" - games, time-tested. The "ball line" to play online for free, interesting and useful. Start playing "ball line" online right now!

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