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Contra Game - a classic of the genre revived shooters. Appearing more than twenty years ago, she not only has not lost its popularity, but also gained many new fans, because the play is really very interesting dissent. And with the advent of the Internet has become possible to play a contra line.The plot of the classic shooter is trivial: you shoot, I shoot. But playing in the dissent - the standard of all militias scary fun. Beautiful realistic graphics, intuitive controls, a variety of levels - all in order to motivate the player and sit down for a long time for the monitor. At each level of the game gamer waiting for the enemy tanks, guns, and the hordes of soldiers. Get a weapon that will protect you, you knocking him out of the enemy: automatic, shotgun, grenade launcher. Play Contra online, then test your dexterity, speed of reaction, because the enemies from one level to become evasive. Yes, the play is difficult to dissent. But that is exactly what attracts gamers, because everyone wants to test their strength.Well, you pleasant memories, honored gamers and novice gamers a pleasant acquaintance with the classics when you play online contraception.

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