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In 2008, released thriller "Iron Man", which tells of the exploits of a hero comics - Marvel. According to the story, a talented inventor creates a new high-tech weapons, which then becomes the cause of his injuries and captivity, to make him a hero to arm an entire terrorist organization. Using access to the lab, Marvel makes iron armor that helps him escape. And so it came Iron Man.Playing "Iron Man" online, will help you become a hero and save the world from evil. "Iron Man" - a game in which you will need to engage in mortal combat with the enemy and save the planet from extinction. Playing "Iron Man", you can play online anytime they like everyone who yearns for justice. "Iron Man" - games that are symbols of good, who have iron fists. Also, the game "Iron Man," you can play online with other characters not less popular comics Marvel. So, for example, Wolverine, Spider-Man and other characters, will help to fight for justice. "Iron Man" game in which you want to shoot down the enemy, because it points. Be bold, and it will bring good luck.

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