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One of the most famous varieties of games that has appeared since the consoles Dandy - a game for two fights. At this time there are a lot of games, ranging from the famous MMORPG to flash games. What are these games for two different fights, well, start with the fact that quite a famous MMORPG type of games, but because these games use rendomny choice of opponent you are eating a high chance of never playing with a friend. Plus the game for two fights only MMORPG that you show your patience, well natreniruete or if you suddenly have no patience. Recently began to appear a lot of flash games for two fights, in which you will not only play against each other, but as a team against the enemy. But here's the fight game for two, all were created for the rivalry between the two players who are on one computer. Even in ancient Russia proved their case to the fist fight. Games for two fights much more interesting and more excitement, for the only reason that playing against the computer does not have to, but against a real person, who is from you in two meters, and not somewhere for a few tens of kilometers. This battle can drag on all day.

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