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Attention! We have an epidemic! The queues of patients already lined up at the door of the hospital. And each of them need urgent help!Do you dream of becoming a doctor? Then you have a rare chance to get an unforgettable experience and practice in the process of playing doctor. Game Doctor gives you a unique opportunity to diagnose the disease on the latest hardware: scanner, x-ray tomography. You have to choose from a wide range of necessary medication to the patient, to save the patient from the debilitating toothache, or write a funny old man glasses, and may be an urgent need to have a cast, and you have an exceptional opportunity in the game to do your surgery patients.Or maybe you'll be very responsive and a good nurse, calming frightened and weakened disease patients. And then, when the doctor will be in the game to do the operation, you will become an indispensable assistant for him. This is all possible if you play the game the doctor. And just playing our games to do the operation is so exciting and informative.Well, come on, patients are waiting for you! Now, patients' lives in your hands, do not miss it, because you are their last hope.

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