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Boxing - a contact sport, which has been known since ancient times. Even in ancient Greece, Egypt and the Sumerians had a similar event. In different countries, boxing has its variations. And now came the game box.These games will appeal to every fan of "waving his fists." Playing online games in the box, you occupy a place in the boxing ring, and you go against all new opponents. Game box does not require daily sweating in the gym. In boxing online games can fight even the grandmother, the main thing to love this sport.Hey, a fighter, let's get to the screen. Game box waiting for your fists! Here, in the same ring and simple boxers and favorite characters of movies and cartoons. Playing online games in boxing, you train the skill and quick reactions. Learn to not put at risk the opponent, dodge and strike first!Game box does not give you Olympic gold medals, but will learn interesting techniques that are useful in life. And if the ring Ben Ten? Do not you want to help him defeat the alien monsters?On your ring can fight and grandparents, monsters and aliens, animals and people, cartoons, and athletes. And their victory in your hands! Please note, the gong!

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