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You active, bold, lively? Then the action games for you! Adventures are waiting for warming up and ready weapons!Action games give your adrenaline carousing, after this action, tension and desire to win. Action games do not give you just sit and watch as someone changes the world. You yourself have to do it! Act - is the motto of the game action! Action games were the first to come up with humanity. Back in '78 the last century came the first shooting. Since then, they shared a love of millions of gamers.It all depends on the speed of your reactions to your attention and ability to respond to the lightning attacks of enemies.In these games you will meet with Spider-Man, Max Payne, commandos. Game action - it is voynushki, where you must defeat the enemy. Pull yourself together, your team is waiting! Weapons at the ready! Or maybe you have a steel fist? Then you have a direct route to us. Shooter, platforming, fighting games - all for you!In the genre of action movies are your favorites? Then you just fall in love with the game in this genre! Enough for the pants sit rpg. Robots, comic characters, movie characters, and just cool guys - that's what the action game! Be one of them!

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