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It is time to pigs to find a spot in the cemetery, because the bird is flying troops and prisoners they take are not configured. Released angry birds game online instantly became a cult in all countries. This game has already appeared on all platforms. Angry birds can play online and in the Internet space.Angry birds online game adored by all generations of children, parents and even older ancestors did not mind playing in voynushku funny pigs and birds. So this game is certainly a family that unites generations.In addition to the classical version, angry birds can play online in four side-series, in which the birds were sent to wander the world for all the holidays, help gay parrot Rio, into open space. All the game action is striking in its colorful and vibrant graphics, fun and memorable soundtrack. Help gamers angry birds play online army of valiant birds: red - which became the logo of all the games, the soldiers in blue, striking the enemy a triple shot, black bombs that crept up to the enemy a crushing sweep of its explosion.Playing angry birds online to help you test your logic and thinking of strength. Behavior of an army of brave birds in the battle against the insidious fever. Hurry up!

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