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The first thing, as you know, airplanes. Well, what then? And then, space ships, helicopters, missiles, derezhabli, airplanes, balloons, and even a paper airplane. And the girls? And girls like pilots for straightened his shoulders, for the dream in his eyes. All this gives the flight. And you do not have to fly for real, to feel like a pilot. There is Flying Games Online! Play Fly online can be a mode of simple flash games or flight simulator. First for you to relax and enjoy a relaxed game. Planning for the fun balloons, otstrelivanie invading Earth pesky aliens or management of flying penguins - a great way to relax after a hard day of work or while away an hour or two. The second is for those who want to "almost real." Agree, it's hard to relax when you are - a pilot vozduhoplavotel. But how much fun, and do not forget about the shoulders, and looking girls. It offers all the control devices cockpit. Of course, will have to try to remember the purpose of all this buttons and switches, but the result is worth it. Flying Games Online - this is your chance to touch the dream. Admit it, you dream about? To be solid pilot respectable airliner, an important leader of the bevy of leggy stewardesses? Or military fighter pilot, "ta-ta-ta-ta" and hiding from enemy remains only a wet spot? All lovers to play Flying Online - free birds in the shower, and endlessly seek the sky. Well, so what are you waiting for? Choose a game and go! All games on our site are free, they can be played right here or download to your computer. Flying to play online you can not just for the thrill of flying. Like it or not, and the pilot did not a bird, it may be important mission. For example, to deliver the goods without losing half of the road. And certainly deserve special mention games of military subjects. This man always misses feats. Do not miss - Play Flying Games Online! Who says that a nice place on the ground floor - lovely ladies are also capable of much. History has known many brave ladies height. Feel like one of them. So, choose your flight facility nestles in the pilot's seat and gain altitude!

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