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Zombies are mythical creatures from mythology of the island of Haiti, where the inhabitants practiced voodoo. Living dead quickly took root in the civilized world. First they make a career of Hollywood actors, acting in horror movies. Later decided to master the Internet and became heroes zombie game.If a lot of movies with these characters were really scared, online zombie games do not cause mystical horror. When you begin to develop flash games about zombies, living dead seem more amusing than terrifying. But we must pay tribute to the artists, cartoon characters for online play. Zombies like not fully decomposed corpses. It seems they just got up from their graves, to have time to play in the next movie. Zombie games are different genres. If you like to use a gun, choose the game zombie shooter. Only store ammunition for the future, in some versions of the game you will have two zombies to attack an army of hideous corpses. You can find these online zombie games, in which you will be offered to fight alongside the walking dead. You will feel like one of the monsters. You are endowed with new powers and abilities.If you prefer to fight against the rebels of the graves of characters, we can find flash games about zombies, where there is a choice of powerful weapons. Zombie shooting game for the gun, or even take a grenade launcher. Other zombie games online without using a firearm. You will have to defend against a knife or ax. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, passing two levels of zombie games, you can even bat or arm to push the terrible monster truck wheels.Characters zombie game is very slow and clumsy. But they take the number. You should not panic. If during a flash game about zombies you scared, be sure to lose.In the story online zombie games, dead gathered to capture the sleeping city and kill its inhabitants. All residents of the city in panic. Must find a hero who will save his people.If you do not attract the zombie shooting game, try to find a different story. On Web sites, you can download different games online. Zombies have become popular, thanks to the movie. But they are increasingly began to make great heroes of computer games. There are two zombie games. There is no doubt that they will come up with new series and stories with these characters.

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