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Times change: swords turned into high-speed machines, guns in the homing missile, riding in armored tanks, but the image of the valiant hero remains unchanged. He is brave, strong, clever, unselfish, always ready to help and protect his country from the encroachments of the invaders. And for this he was rewarded with fame and universal love. Play a game about war - it means to be a hero, at least for a while. To pass the difficult test, destroy enemies, and to receive the award - a medal for his gallantry in battle.Online games war - you can become the commander of the Roman army and lead it into battle against the Persians. Ride a horse and a true break through the enemy under the whistle of cannonballs, or become a member of the crew of a tank game about World War II. Play a game about war as a commando and go to Iraq to carry out a secret mission, go back to the future, and play in the war for Earth as captain star cruiser. Realistic graphics will allow you to fully enjoy the risk and severity of enterprise online games war. It is well traced weapons and costumes take you to the dawn of the Roman Empire, to the battlefields of the First World War, where you'll play in the war against the German invaders. Game of World War II to help you move into the theater of military operations at the time. Become a brave pilot or captain of a submarine, a courageous spy in the enemy rear, or a tank commander - it's all about the game of World War II.To play and win the war need all your skill, accuracy, ability to properly assess the situation. All that you need to successfully play the game about the war, but not only that - the ability to control the submarine, warship, a fighter you are also very useful. In addition, at your disposal will achieve military and other industries in different years, from swords, guns and muskets to automatic, grenade launchers and rifles with laser sights. Especially you are interested in the game of the second world war, because who has not heard stories from grandparents about this difficult time for the whole world. So the game about World War II are more numerous in the range. To defend their country - it is an honorable mission, do it with honor, playing online games war. A game about World War II will help to understand what our ancestors went through.

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