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Exciting online game "Race to the tractors," created in order to relax. Not leaving your computer, you will be able to for some time "to relax", a portion of the "virtual adrenaline rush" from participating in the unpretentious game. Racing game on tractors has a colorful multi-media "picture" control and easy to use interface that allow you to quickly master this simple and exciting game. Games on tractors give you many pleasant experiences of the present race of powerful all-terrain vehicles on country roads and rural roads.In the virtual car, you probably already traveled. All become boring races "Formula 1" and the stylish "Cars" in the city and highway, and try to race on tractors, and even a trailer ... Before your tractor on a road running geese and chickens. The neighbor-farmer on a full "gas," undercuts you on my tractor. In front of the destroyed bridge over the river, which will have to overcome wade and a host of interesting and unexpected obstacles are overcome in the specified time, you can go to the next, more complex, the level of the game "Race to the tractor."Software games on tractors and universally available to all modern computer operating systems. In extreme cases, for the most "cool" version of the game, you have to install on your PC, some additions, such as «Google Chrome». This is done very quickly and completely free. All the flash version of the game "Race to the tractors' are mounted on mobile phones and players with no problems.The game "Race to the tractors," allows you to select a model of tractor power and size, equip it with a trailer, set the difficulty of the route, obstacles, and the level of "professionalism" of their opponents.The game "Race to the tractors," not "addictive" as a play on the Internet, one can at any time to exit and re-do things. The range of different versions of the game on tractors rather extensive. It will satisfy both beginners and the real "pros", besides, it is constantly updated with new versions.

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