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Most computer games designed for one person. And if you came to see you my friend? In order not to miss, shooters can find the game for two. To do this, divide the keyboard into two blocks of management. Next you need to select the game for two. Shooting can be configured to fight against each other. It would be better to find a game where you can perform a front against the enemy.Shooting games will offer you a double with a friend to keep the medieval fortress, which attacks the undead. It is very important to coordinate your efforts.If such a task will seem quaint and easy, make a request to "play for two shooters," and choose what you want more - to destroy the alien fleet or capture two distant galaxy. The main thing - always help a friend.If you run out of ammo, or levels, can play instead of shooting at two people to hold a competition for kapoero or just play tennis tournament. You can find different games for two. Shoot - it's not the only way to have fun with each other. A funny game based on the fact that you are attacking colored squares. And you have to constantly dodge and jump over them.

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