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An exciting computer game "Neighbours from Hell" (English «Neighbours from Hell» - «Neighbors from Hell") is now available in a fully adapted Russian version. Those who want a game of "How to get a neighbor to" play now, surely knows that it is created in the genre of arcade. You have to play the role of the cunning of Mr. Woody (Wadi Vovchik or in some Russian versions), constantly struggling with his stupid and annoying neighbor, Mr. Rottweiler, which you just bring up the handle. With each level of tricks are all sophisticated, but the anger and opposition to Mr. Rottweiler force you to be extremely careful. To help his mother will come, his wife and his pets - a dog and a parrot. During the game you score points and increase your score. In "How to get a neighbor," you can play now for a long time, going to every part of the new supply of skills. First there was the first part of "Sweet Revenge". It consisted of three seasons, and the fourteen-episode levels. That is the "Neighbours from Hell" to play online it was necessary, "while" annoying neighbor's house - Mr. Rottweiler. However, the popularity of the game, led its creators to continue this epic computer. In 2004, gamers the opportunity to play in Neighbours from Hell 2. This part is called "Hell vacation." In the next part of the game "Neighbours from Hell 3" takes place in the office, and in the fourth - is on vacation. So, fans of "Neighbours from Hell" to play online from home will be transported first to the coast, where Mr. Rottweiler goes with his wife, and then run into him in the service office and will follow him in a rest home.In "How to get a neighbor" play now quite fashionable, and the demand for this game compels developers to extend the scope of access to it. With the popularity of the game "How to get a neighbor - 3", number of people wishing to play in Neighbours from Hell 2, and the adherents of the first part of the game is not reduced. Many people advise in Neighbours from playing online is steadily - to have more fun. Certainly after the first season start with a short break to play in play in Neighbours from Hell 2, and then easily move on - drive and sheer fun you provided. And the real neighbors eventually will seem much more welcoming.

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