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Not everyone remembers the movie "The Sands of Time," tells of rescuing the princess. His story is full adventures. In the film, we are witnessing a love story, the principal members of which have to cope with difficult and dangerous challenges.On the basis of the film were created by many games. Prince of Persia - one of them. In the story of the game, the prince must rescue the princess out of trouble. Worth a try to play Prince of Persia, to help the protagonist fulfill a noble mission.Adventures take place against the backdrop of the eastern landscape. Ancient architecture, endless sands. All the characters in the game, Prince of Persia, Princess, enemies, monsters, various supernatural creatures, dressed in beautiful oriental dresses. If you can find time to play Prince of Persia, you can immerse yourself in a fairy tale atmosphere east of the country.To successfully complete the game, Prince of Persia should be proficient with the sword, to overcome all the pitfalls and dangers. Then he saves the princess Elika. Gripping story and beautiful scenery make for many years to play Prince of Persia those who are interested to plunge into the atmosphere of the charming East and help the heroes in their fight with the enemy.

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