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Backgammon - the perfect game, which keeps a cunning and wisdom of the east. The story of her appearance conceals many secrets and mysteries. It is believed that this game is more than 5000 years. Analogues of this game have been found around the world: Egypt, Rome, England and India. Persian astrologers to foretell the future by Backgammon great rulers, taking the movement of chips on the board, the stars that are moving through the heavens. And now you have to play backgammon online for free, thus touching the history of ancient civilizations. Feel great ancient Roman military commander and show your strategic skills and develop a treacherous plan that will help you to lure the enemy into a trap, or maybe to play backgammon online for free you will enjoy in the role of a medieval lord, who beat the king himself. The rules as backgammon online play for free, fairly simple. Here is a board that is divided into two halves. On each half of the lines are drawn - only 24 lines on these lines in the play backgammon online, you will be able to place their pieces. Checkers backgammon online play for free the two traditional colors: white and black, 15 in each of the players. Once the right to compete for the first move, you can start playing backgammon online. Players take turns throwing dice determines the number of fallen pieces move. The main objective when playing backgammon online - to get all their pieces in the "home" and then as soon as possible to expose them to the board. If you play online backgammon, checkers exhibited a plaque in the event that the number fell to one of the bones, coincides with the position number checkers. But when you play online backgammon, you have hindered the opponent to play online backgammon, to beat him on his way to victory.In backgammon online play for free you really like it, because in addition to the process of the game will delight you beautiful graphics, original design, relaxing music. If you try to play online backgammon, then, of course, you will conquer the world, where a cold strategic calculation is bordered to the volatile and capricious fortune. Play online backgammon is like painting a picture skillfully checkers on the board. Play backgammon online for free as you can with a computer and with other people on the Internet. Backgammon online play will allow you to relax after a hard day's work.

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