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Girls genetically inherent desire to care for others, especially the weak and helpless. Just look at how very small three-five-year women play in the game: child care, which serve as a doll - the most common story. Not surprisingly, when the girls are given the opportunity to sit at the computer, they choose to care kids games and the like. Category Kids games for girls - just like honey to flies. In the game the care of children they can play for hours, bathing cartoon characters, swaddling clothes, dressing and undressing. What kind of hat during games for girls Kids wear - pink or white? What bodykit to choose - with or without sleeves? Do you need socks?In addition to a lot of fun, games for girls and toddlers are educational in nature: children learn to focus on weather, track time, lunch and dinner, to be bound and responsible. Do you think it easy to organize during the game care for babies? And if more than one? And if they - a group? During the game, child care girls learn to understand how hard it has my mother, and perhaps more willing to offer their assistance. Succeed or not, the armistice. But try, giving the opportunity to combine my daughter growing up playing, caring for kids and learning, of course, it is worth.

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