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You, of course, there are parents who love you, but do so much to do! And you'd like to get your own wizards? For example, out of the game "Magic parents?"Yes, your favorite cartoon about Timmy Turner is now in the version of the game! "Magic's parents" - games that can be played alone, and you can share the joy of magic with a friend or girlfriend.Game "Magic the parents" is really magical! All the characters are so similar to those that you see from the TV screen. But now you're the master of magic."Magic's parents" - a game where you can actually use the magic wand and fulfill their desires. And what kid has not dreamed of a magic wand?Game "Magic the parents" are so different and interesting. Avenge his enemies and help friends in new adventures every day!"Magic's parents" - games that do not get bored. Because many of them. Because the magic can not get bored!With the help of magical parents you'll be able to get into space, in other dimensions, time travel, to perform feats such as Hercules, and he can turn into anyone!Unrivaled magic in your hands now!

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