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The Hulk - the cult comic hero, the eponymous protagonist of the film and, of course, a frequent guest in the plots of flash games.And you would like to at least temporarily become them, as strong and brave? Then the Hulk games created just for you. The Hulk - the game that will give you an opportunity to show their best and prove to yourself and everyone around us that the mind is quite able to cope with anger, do not let her fully absorb all that is human.You do not have this cute green monster? Would you like to help the military to kill him, stripped of power? Well, this version of events is not excluded - just select the game the Hulk with the appropriate script. And now you - the savior of mankind from the terrible offspring, which threaten all life.In the game you can play the Hulk for hours, days or weeks. The Hulk - the game that always kept in suspense, do not give a second aside: for they are all united by the incredible dynamics and sharp gameplay. In order to successfully carry out the mission in the games category of the People, must play a very collected, perfected, masterfully controlling the main character.However, in the category of you can play the Hulk in a quiet mode - to gather the appropriate puzzle piece, painted comic book characters, think about it over the puzzle. Therefore, we can safely say that the Hulk - the game is really universal: it everyone will find it a suitable option.

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