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Card game called "The Fool" is one of the easiest and most popular games in the CIS. The story of her start in the 19th century. Then, among the nobility and aristocracy considered good manners to spend the evening playing whist. The bourgeoisie and the common people were not allowed in high society, however, compensated for a lack of passion, inventing a simpler but no less exciting version of the card game - a fool.Playing cards in the fool has gradually become the majority of common people of Russia and other neighboring countries. Playing cards, "Fool" have an incredible number of variations. The best-known varieties of the game: a simple fool, Snap, translated fool, a fool piled, working fool, fool the Japanese, Czech, fool, fool Road, ostentatious fool, a fool peak, Chinese fool. Under the rules of the game allows you to play the fool everyone - young and old. And of course, with time to play cards in the Fool were people from different walks of life.In this era of advanced technology playing cards have become a fool application of many modern gadgets. The most interesting to many of our contemporaries to play the fool card online for free. And a fool to play a computer game allows as a faceless program, as well as with other users. Playing online can be a fool forever - gambling players is supported by ranking (points, which earns a person in the game) and rates (or chips issued by the application itself, or bought for real money).Virtual game is a fool to play makes it possible under the same conditions as in reality. It can simultaneously participate in two to four people, the ultimate goal of each of which is to get rid of all cards. Those who remained with the cards, losing, respectively, he is a "fool." Interestingly, in the online game "fool" can not only improve, but also chat with other players, giving them virtual gifts.soetc. We know that some people starting to play online for free in the fool, then met and created a real fan clubs of the game.In general, we can say that the online game "The Fool" - is not so much replace the actual game as a separate and complete her look. After all, with the help of modern technology in an online "Fool" can also be played at any time and any place, and choosing their own version of this game and stakes. No wonder the repeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov called the "Fool" the most interesting game of the millennium.

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