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Akinator - the great and powerful Internet-gin of the universe, could easily guess anyone, the hidden you, real or fictional character. But if he really is so great, we are told about him a legend world wide web? Maybe there is still something that he does not know? That and you have to figure out when you play akinator. Now playing akinator available in twelve languages, and even the Korean and Turkish.Akinator play very interesting. Wicked genie will ask you to unpretentious, it would seem, is not nothing to indicate question marks. And once you answer them, his brilliant mind will compare all the facts, and you do not have time to recover, as you get the picture, you have conceived of the character. But if you are rather unique and agile, then you will be playing akinator quite funny, because you will be able to cheat the great gin. Even if you're not home, and remembered the character, which akinator would never guess it does not matter, you can play akinator now on your mobile. Try a sharp mind to play akinator prove that you are smarter and more cunning gin-know-all, make him sweat on the solving of your puzzle.

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