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"In this exciting game like Rabbit sniper, you put a lot.

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How to play the game online Rabbit Sniper. Control of the game Rabbit Sniper. "In this exciting game like Rabbit sniper, you put a lot. The main principle of your actions - you must take the animal under his command, and then provided a sniper rifle arm and shoot all the enemies that will meet you on the playing field. Your enemies may be protected or at different levels, so deal with them will not be easy. Sometimes, in order to cope with the enemy, in Rabbit Sniper have used certain objects on the map or mechanisms. For example, such as boxes, dynamite, balls or wheels. The game is quite interesting physics. Bullets that you will let go of the rifle may change its trajectory and bounce. Moreover, thanks to this effect, you can not destroy an enemy, to be presented in the form of a terrorist or a suicide bomber. The main task of the game - or catch a bullet hit the enemy figure. In this case your icon must always remain intact.
Game Rabbit Sniper available present a limited number of rounds. In that case you will not be enough to complete the mission, you have to start the entire stage over again.
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