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Take control of a spaceship and try to deal with space aliens.

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How to play the game online Space Invaders. Control of the game Space Invaders. Take control of a spaceship and try to deal with space aliens. Operation of the spacecraft is quite simple: use the arrow keys left and right to move the ship along the playing field, and the space bar will help make the shot and bring the battlefield enemy ships. You can shoot safely and do not look at the store, you will have enough ammunition. By the way, do you have and fortifications that will help you escape the crushing barrage of enemy shells. But, keep in mind that they can be broken and you will be one on one with an armada of enemy ships. So, try to deal with the enemy before the ships reached the place of your deployment. As you can imagine, you will not only destroy the enemy fleet, but also the highest score to continue the game further.
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