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How long have you been playing table tennis, for sure a very long time.

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How to play the game online Playing Table Tennis. Control of the game Playing Table Tennis. How long have you been playing table tennis, for sure a very long time. Today Playing Table Tennis allow everyone the player to enjoy the world of professional sports and take part in an international tournament in table tennis. On the screen after playing table tennis running, you can see a table tennis table, which is located sideways in relation to the player. Above you can see a table tennis table two tennis rackets, one of which the player will have to play table tennis and manage regular tennis ball. Management of a tennis racket in the game is only using the keys on the keypad type "mouse". Rules of the game is identical to the rules that prevail in the real tournaments in table tennis. The player is given the right to conduct its first submission. The game continues as long as one of the players will not get the necessary amount of points. To win the game the player needs to score a cherished, twenty-one point. Invisible judge scores all points which are hammered players on both sides. That earned a point, you might expect to hear the sound of the whistle and the invisible referee saw the score at the top of the screen.
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