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"Gonochki are one of the most popular genres of video and computer games.

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How to play the game online Racing Transformers. Control of the game Racing Transformers. "Gonochki are one of the most popular genres of video and computer games. This type of toy is quite diverse, and every day there are new members of this gaming destinations
Where you will find the game "Race Transformers." It is quite unpretentious, but at the same time very exciting racing game. You, definitely, take a ride on the first line, do not stop until you pass all the levels of the game.
To start, you will be offered to choose a transport, on which you'll cut and on the urban spaces of imaginary lines. In the game "Race Transformers" presented four types of vehicles - from cars to multi-ton trucks.
Musical accompaniment is unobtrusive. It, like, you do not notice. However, it it creates an atmosphere that allows you to be on your toes. Graphics as easy. In general, the motto of this game would be saying: "All brilliant - easy." In the arcade game "Race Transformers" route opened only after you were able to pass the previous one, finishing in first place there. Therefore, to be a leader in this game is mandatory. This game is perfect all fans gonochek, mototsiklikov and other toys, where you have to overcome the relief road.
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